What Casinos don’t want you to know?

‘It’s Vegas baby!’ Have you heard this statement in movies or someplace else? I have heard it a lot and a trip to Vegas is always in my bucket list. I have visited the casino before but Vegas is something I always dreamt of visiting. So why Vegas is famous?

There are so many cities in the world famous for their glamorous life but Vegas has something special for you, the Casino Life.

Casino is a place where you lose your money. You might be thinking that I have forgotten the word ‘WIN’. But believe me guys. You never win in a casino. You win for a time being but eventually you lose. So never think that you go in a casino and win. You will lose. I have lost a lot in casino though every time I go with the thought of winning. Loosing never stops you from going back to Casino. But why it is like that?


Why don’t we just stop gambling once we have lost? What Casinos do so that they always succeed in bringing you back to them? There must be some sought of hypnotism or something in our human nature which leads us to go and just bet our hard earned money.

Do you want to know why we do such thing? Why we go to lose our money? Why we our fascinated with gambling? Watch the below video and you will get your answers.


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Source: The Richest (Youtube)


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