How cricket bat is made?

In the season of World Cup T-20, we are back again with an article on the curious things in the game of cricket. You must have read our earlier article on How Cricket ball is made?┬áBut a cricket ball is useless if we don’t have a bat to play with it. But how cricket bat is made? This question crossed my mind and it might have crossed your mind too. But one will say this is a simple question. Cricket Bats are made of wood from trees. Yes you are right but partially. By watching the below video you will learn the real answer:

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Harsh is a curious writer who loves to explore his surroundings. There are many websites who provide answer to people queries but no single website alone resolves the curiosity of people. Curious Mind Box is an initiative to resolve the curiosities and answer every What, How and Why question that comes into your mind.

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