How drinking more coffee can undo liver cirrhosis done by Booze?

With our modern lifestyle and late night parties, social drinking has become a part of our lives and you believe or not it is affecting your health. I got a hold of an article which speaks about a research on how drinking more coffee may undo damage done on liver by overindulging in food and alcohol.

Researchers developed a study by analyzing data form nine previously published studies and found that drinking two additional cup of  coffee in a day brings down the probability of having liver cirrhosis to 44%. Liver cirrhosis doesn’t have a definite cure and the severe conditions leads to liver damage. With our bad eating and drinking habits there is an urgent need of some cure and this study do suggest one. It is a significant outcome as the risk of liver cirrhosis may be reduced by drinking coffee, a drink we usually drink daily.

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Drinking more coffee has side effects but as he researchers say the side effects are not significant to what liver cirrhosis can do to you. Liver cirrhosis kill about one million people every year worldwide and with no potential cure, this disease is fatal for human beings.

Dr. Oliver Kennedy of Southampton University in the U.K. and his colleagues did an analysis of average coffee consumption across earlier studies  to analyze how much two additional cups of coffee every day might influence the odds of having a liver disease. the studies combined as a whole included 1990 patients suffering from liver cirrhosis.

In eight out of the nine studies that were analyzed, additional cups of coffee a day was associated with a reduction in the risk of liver cirrhosis. Only one study continuously show not much change in level of liver cirrhosis with the increase in consumption of coffee. The outcome of the research analysis shows 22 percent lower risk of liver cirrhosis with one cup of coffee a day and the risk dropped to 43 percent with two cups of coffee a day.

Although the study produced some good outcomes there were some question which remain unanswered. One such question was that one study show greater reduction in liver cirrhosis with filtered coffee than with boiled coffee. It was also not very clear that exactly how much quantity of coffee might lead to a health liver or whether the effects vary with the methods of brewing or the type of beans.

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It should also be kept in mind that a cure can work for a disease but not on bad habits. So coffee isn’t that much powerful that it can overcome the outcomes of bad lifestyle choices that can damage the liver, a statement by a senior clinical nutritionist Ms Samantha Heller at New York University Medical Center. (Ms Samantha was not involved in the study)

So a little booze and two additional cups of coffee will keep you healthy, wealthy and wise. You may also like to read Why coffee keeps you awake?

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