How feasible Delhi Odd Even Rule is?

Everyone is currently talking about the new rule to be implemented in Delhi from the 1st Jan 2016, the Odd Even Rule. As the Delhi’s pollution levels have crossed high limits making the city a gas chamber, the Delhi government had come up with a proposal  to curb pollution in the city.

Form 1st Jan 2016, the Delhi government’s proposal is to allow private vehicles, with odd and even registration numbers on the roads of Delhi on alternate days. This rule sounds a little weird as everyone is thinking about its practicality. How government will keep the track of car numbers on the road? This question comes to our mind as soon as we hear this proposal.

                                                                                                     Delhi Metro

So for your information this rule had already been implemented successfully in Singapore and Beijing but can we compare Delhi to these cities. Why this rule was successful in Beijing and Singapore and it’s doubtful in Delhi? The main reason is the public infrastructure. Population in Beijing and Singapore has the alternative to use highly developed public transport and travel in the city which the population of Delhi doesn’t have.

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But the real question is that does this rule really succeed in bringing pollution level down?

Even though this rule do succeed in bringing the pollution level down it was not the only factor. There were additional factors involved such as:

1. Beijing Government built an extensive subway and public bus network in prior to imposing restrictions – there is a 600 km subway in Beijing which is double the length of Delhi Metro.

2. Beijing Government also installed a sophisticated automatic surveillance system using cameras to implement the rules and didn’t just rely on traffic police.

                                                                                         Beijing Road Network

Even with such efficient system traffic limits hasn’t been successful in Beijing and so to tighten the quantity of vehicles Beijing introduced a lottery system in 2011. With this lottery system only 17600 vehicle registrations are issued every month thus limiting the car ownership. Other Chinese cities such as Shanghai have a similar system where they use auctions for car registration and on some occasions the registration fees cost more than the car cost. Beijing’s current system is that rather than odd-even limits cars are limited only one day every week, during which commuters rely on either car-pools or subway.

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 Singapore Road Network

Singapore is one step ahead of Beijing. Singapore made the ownership and driving of car so costly that it itself limited the number of cars in the city.

Overall Cost of the car in Singapore is:

Registration fee + Cost Price + Road Tax + Certificate Of Entitlement + additional registration fee (140% of car’s Open Market Value) and customs duty (31% of car’s Open Market Value).

                                                                                       Delhi Public Bus Service

So before implementing this rule Delhi Government need to value the alternatives they have for public so that chaos can be avoided. If people will not be allowed to travel with their own cars then how they will reach their destination? Currently the Delhi public transport is at saturation and with the growing population the condition will get worse in the future.

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