How Google works?

Whenever we require searching something on internet and we don’t know where to look for it we just type what we are looking for in the search box of and we get instant results with most relevant data related to our search. Don’t you think it looks like Google is Alladin’s Genie to whom we ask something and we got it? There is enormous data available on internet and if you will go through every page or link without even a slight indication that it contains data relevant to your search, it’s impossible for you to get the right thing.

Without the search engine like Google, using internet would have been a tough and time consuming job. But the question here is How Google search engine works? Google uses an algorithm to generate search results. Though Google’s algorithm is a secret but Google has time to time shared some facts about its search engine working which I am going to share below.

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Google uses automated programs called crawlers and spiders (both are technical programming core words and you can read more about them in this link Apart from these programs Google has a large index of keywords and where they can be found. This index is updated constantly so that by matching the required data with the index of keywords Google can display the relevant material.

But what I told above can be done by any search engine then why Google is the best search engine. The real difference is in the how Google ranks the search results and which decides how Google displays search results on its web page in descending order of ranks. Google also has a trademark algorithm known as Page Rank which assigns a relevancy score to every web page and hence ranking of web pages is done based on the relevancy score.

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So how this Page Rank works is also a special trademark feature of Google. The factors are

1. How many times searched keyword appears in the content of webpage.

2. For how long the web page has existed.

3. How many of the other web pages links to the webpage in question.

So it is found that the best way to get your web page to be ranked high in Google ranking is to provide unique and valuable content so that people would link back to your webpage.

So the above content was a brief idea about how Google search engine works and How to get your webpage ranked high in the Google ranking system.

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