How Rubik’s Cube was born?

Born in 1974, Rubik’s Cube has a fascinating story about its birth. Here you will find the timeline of Rubik cube’s life.





1944: Erno Rubik was born in Budapest, Hungary








1974: Rubik creates the first working prototype of the cube











1975: Rubik patents the ‘Magic Cube’









1977: The first ‘Magic Cube’ is sold in a Budapest toyshop.






1979: Tom Kremer negotiates and signs the distribution license.




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1980: The ‘Magic Cube’ is renamed The ‘Rubik’s Cube’.









1981: ‘You Can Do The Cube’ by Patrick Bossert, sells 1.5m copies.







1982: The first annual International Rubik’s Championships are held.







1990: Erno Rubik becomes President of the Hungarian Engineering Academy.







1995: Diamond Cutters Int. creates the ‘Masterpiece Cube’.






2005: The Cube Celebrates its 25th Anniversary in a special edition pack.







2007: Erno Rubik awards the prizes at World Championships in Budapest.

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2013: A new cube is born! All new faster action mechanism and durable tough tiles.




“If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them. ”

Erno Rubik

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