How selfie became so popular globally?

Indian prime minister launched ‘Selfie with Daughter’ campaign to stop selection abortions. ‘Selfie’ a word not new to this digital 21st century. Take the camera in your hand – set camera at 45 degree angle on our head- say cheese – and click – and you have taken a selfie. Isn’t it strange? In the past one need a second person to click one’s photo via camera but now no need of a second person.

Selfie or self portrait as one say has become so popular that right from big politicians to famous celebrities all are taking Selfies and posting them on Facebook or Instagram. Selfie has become a form of self impression. Look at these pictures:

obama-selfie-at-mandela-memorial pope selfie-modi-li-759


The above ‘Selfie’s’ can say for them but Selfie is not new to our world. Photographic self portraits have been around since 1839, but the boom came with the introduction of compact digital cameras.

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Selfie has been a part of drastic change in technology. Images.Images tagged as #Selfie or #me started publishing on ‘Flickr’ as early as 2004 but the introduction of smartphones and especially iPhone 4 in 2010 with front facing camera that made ‘Selfie’ go viral. There are more than 90 million images tagged as ‘selfie’ on Instagram and the most famous selfie of all time is that of the Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide at the International Space Station.

Pop star Justin Bieber constantly tweets photos of himself with his shirt off to the delight of his huge online following. Rihanna has treated her fans to selfies of her buttocks barely concealed by a tiny denim thong on Instagram. Indian Prime minister Mr Modi made history by taking a selfie with Chinese premier Mr Li.

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A majority of people follow celebrities, sportsperson and politicians and try to keep feet on their footsteps. And when world’s most powerful nation’s president Mr Obama or Vatican’s Pope Francis post selfie then there is no way that people will not follow.

Selfie has today became a perfect way to deliver facial expression. Though selfie is an image of our self confidence and it gives a control of oneself, selfie has some flaws too.

In some ways, the notion of control is deceitful: once a selfie is posted online, it is out there for public delectation. Future employers can see it, Marketers can use it and obviously a former lover could exploit it for revenge or personal gain.

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So we can use digital technology to manipulate our own image as much as we like and the truth about selfie is that once our selfie is online, we can never control how other people see us. People have always got a compulsion of taking photographs and keeping their experiences preserve for future and with ‘Selfie’ they can capture their own expressions. ‘Selfie’ has already been marked as the 2013 word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary and with 1.8 billion photos shared daily on social sites we can expect much more form #selfie.

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