What if we can move roads as per our convenience?

 What if all roads on Earth are replaced by water?

 What if vases don’t break but hands do?

 What if there is no water for fishes?

 With so much pollution even underwater is not safe.

 With Global Warming this is inevitable.

 How about vegetarian chicken?

 Does technology is eating us?

 What if emotions can come out of our eyes so that everyone can see?

 Walk a way!

 What if we can produce any many clones as we want?

 SMOKING KILLS, Why we are doing suicide?

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Harsh is a curious writer who loves to explore his surroundings. There are many websites who provide answer to people queries but no single website alone resolves the curiosity of people. Curious Mind Box is an initiative to resolve the curiosities and answer every What, How and Why question that comes into your mind.

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