How to differentiate between Real Honey and Fake Honey?

In my last article I told you about the benefits of drinking warm water ( with honey and I believe some of the readers must have started drinking that holy water. But a new curiosity got stuck into my mind and I would like to share it with you. I have a simple question to you that ‘ can you differentiate between Real honey and Fake Honey’ ? This question is very important because if you will mix fake honey in warm water than you will not get the benefits we talked about in our last blog.

First of all what is Real honey and Fake honey?

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Real honey is the pure natural product developed from the factory run by honeybees. It is very difficult to just look and tell that this honey is real or fake. In today’s market it is very difficult to get 100% pure organic honey.

Fake honey is the impure or artificial honey that contains added glucose, sugar syrup ,flour ,starch or any other substitutes of sugar. But as we cannot just look and find the fake honey we need some test which can help us in doing the same.

So here are the test to differentiate between Real Honey and Fake Honey:

  1. Stickiness Test: Real honey doesn’t feel sticky when rubbed between fingers and Fake honey feel sticky when rubbed between fingers.
  2. Thickness Test: Real honey is thick while Fake honey is very light.
  3. Taste Test: Real Honey’s taste vanish in minutes but Fake honey’s taste remains for a longer time as it contains sugar.
  4. Smell Test: Real honey has a mild scent whereas Fake honey has no scent.
  5. Heating Test: Real honey caramelize quickly whereas Fake honey doesn’t caramelize but form bubbles.
  6. Dissolving Test: Real honey doesn’t dissolve in water if not stirred whereas Fake honey gets dissolved right away.
  7. Bread Test: When Real honey spread on a slice of bread the bread thickens whereas in case of fake honey the bread gets wet.
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I hope the above test might be helpful to you. Do leave your feedback in the comments section and if you have any curious question in your mind then you can share your question in the following page and we will reply to you asap.

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