How about an ice cream that cures Hangover?

Hangover is something we feel in the morning after drinking alcohol over our capacity. Hangover in the morning have been a problem for South Korea from a long time and hangover cure is one of the biggest business in the country.

South Korea is Asia’s biggest per capita alchol consumer with citizens drinking their tradational drink ‘SOJU’ or Beer almost every night. Drinking in small groups is one of the social outings South Koreans enjoy and alcohol sale is a big business in South Korea.


As per WHO report South Koreans drink  15+ litres of alcohol per year (WHO report) which is the most in whole of Asia Pacific. Similar to Alcohol business, Hangover cures is also a booming business in South Korea with an anuual sale of $126 million. Products such as Hangover pills, beverages and cosmetics for women who don’t want to loose their skin shine after an alcoholic night are most popular in the country.

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So a convenience store has launched a Hangover ice cream named as Gyeondyo-bar (‘hang in there’) and accrding to company this is the first ice cream bar specifically made to cure ‘Hangover’. This is something unique and innovative for the alcoholic South Korean community.


The ice cream will come handy to those who come early to office after a late drinking night and obviously you can’t work in hangover. The flavor of this ice cream is grapefruit and it is made on the basis of a traditional hangover remedy cited in Korean medicine books. The icecream contains 0.7% oriental raisin free tree juice.

The ‘Hangover’ ice cream has hit the market shelves today and lets see how much it lives upto the expectations of the koreans.

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