Why you should not wear shoes inside your home?

How many of you are currently wearing shoes inside your house? I believe most of us do that. I always used to rub my shoes at the doormat and come inside because I believed that my shoes are clean with no dirt in them.

But what I forgot is that besides the visible dirt there is more that is not visible. And after getting hold of the below information, the first thing I did was moving all my shoes out of the front door and from now onwards no one is allowed to wear shoes inside my house.

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Why wearing shoes inside your house is a bad idea? 

The reasons are not just circumstantial but factual and scientifically proven. So the list goes as follows:

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While some of the bacteria are good, some are bad for us. Good Bacteria we know we can handle but what about the bad ones. What to do with them and how they are harmful? A study done at the Arizona University found about 421000 different types of bacteria on our shoes. Some of those Bacteria were:

  • E-coli: Gives intestinal infections, meningitis and diarrhea.
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae: Gives urinary tract infection
  • Serratia ficaria: Gives respiratory infections

Afraid? Me too.

So how these bacteria get on our shoes?

“Walking down the street and in public washrooms we get in contact with bird droppings, germs and dog waste all of which are primary sources of E-coli.” – Kelly Reynolds (Ph.D., microbiologist- university of Arizona)

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Our shoes also work as a living habitat for Bacteria as all the food material we walk on serve as food for Bacteria. So while you move around your house with shoes on you are probably transferring Bacteria all over your house.



Two studies one from Battelle Memorial institute and other from Baylor University found toxins as a potential concern. They say that toxins settle into your houses as dust and these toxins are found on roads made of coal tar and lawns outside your houses.

Rain water that gets collected in pot holes on roads is a potential source of toxins. So next time you think of jumping into a rain water pot hole for fun, just keep in mind that you are getting exposed to toxins.

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Though toxins are harmful their effects take much longer than Bacteria and hence you will never notice them in short term.


Dirt is always there in the house and where I live dust is an ingredient of air I breathe. So it’s harmful for those who are allergic to dust but the main concern are the toddlers and small children who roam around the house and they probably keep everything inside their mouth.

So what’s the solution of the above problem?

Wash your shoes regularly with detergent in a washing machine and walk carefully on the road – advice from Arizona University researchers.

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Source: The Huffington Post



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