Why your pen cap has a tiny hole on top?

In the word of computers and laptops we might have forgotten the importance of pen in our lives but still they are used and when I will tell you that these pens are designed to save your lives than you will not believe me. Read below and you will get to know that how that tiny hole on the top of your pen cap can save your life.

Initially the hole in the pen cap was built to equalize pressure inside the pen so that ink don’t spill out and today also this is one of the reasons of the existence of those tiny holes. But the main reason is  that these holes can save someone from choking to death.  As per the records in the past 10 years more than 10000 people have swalloed parts of pens and pencils and here comes that tiny hole into the picture. With that tiny hole the air continues to circulate inside your body even with pen cap inside you. So the pens were designed to save your life incase you accidently swallow a pen cap.

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Inaddition to prevent the pen form leaking, the pen manufacturers need to comply with the international safety features that try to minimize the risk of children inhaling the pen caps. So never neglect small things in your life. They might save your life someday.

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Source: The Independent

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