Why do Pizza have plastic top in their centre?

‘You’ll get your pizza in 30 minutes or it will be free’ is something you must have heard if you are a pizza lover. Though Pizza is an Italian dish, it is famous all over the world with millions of pizza lovers worldwide. But if I tell you that your Pizza will be delivered to you all messed up with cheese spread all over inside the box then I think our love for pizza will get diminish.

So to prevent your pizza from getting ruined there is a Pizza Saver. Yes you heard it correct. This Pizza saver is a three legged Plastic top you see on the top of your pizza, in the delivery box, invented 33 years ago on  Feb 10, 1983 by Carmela Vitale.

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pizza saver1

Because of this tiny plastic thing we are being saved of eating ruined, sloppy, cheese ripped pizza. The pizza boxes are made of cardboard which tends to sag when something hot is packed into these boxes and thus to prevent the top of the cardboard from touching the pizza Carmela Vitale filed her patent on 12 Feb, 1985 and got it issued on 10 Feb, 1983.

Vitale gave this tiny thing the name of ‘Package Saver’ which later got famous as ‘Pizza Saver’. For more details on the Vitale Patent refer the below link:


pizza saver3

angry over pizza

So next time you order a pizza say  thanks to the tiny tripod sitting on the top of your Pizza as it has major contribution in keeping your Pizza in good shape.

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