How planes fly on the highway?

Doesn’t the subject looks a little bit different? Planes flying on the highway. As far as I know planes fly in sky not on highways. If you think the same way I do then you are wrong. Planes do fly on the highway.

  • Plane highways are located in the sky.
  • These highways are spread all over the globe.
  • In a day around 2000 planes fly on these highways.


But instead of running straight just like our national road highways do, these highways run as per the curvature of Earth.

  • The plane highways are marked all over the globe by names and pilot need to select one highway during the trip.
  • After selecting the highway the plane is set on course of its destination under Autopilot function.
  • Yes most of the time your plane fly in Autopilot mode.
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Have a look at this video and you will understand how planes fly on highways?

Source: Wendover Productions

Now I think the MH-370 Malaysian airlines plane that gone missing might be on one of the highways in Indian ocean. And due to no radar surveillance in the ocean there was no way to find what happened to that plane.



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