How Sherlock Holmes solve cases in real life?

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes then you don’t need any introduction of the character I am talking about. I am too a fan of Sherlock Holmes and in my mind he looks the similar to what Benedict Cumberbatch look in the TV series Sherlock Holmes.  I love the way he solves the cases and the way he analyze the evidences.

But in reality who is Sherlock Holmes? Is he some fictional character or some real life detective. If he is a fictional character then the person who created it must have some inspiration in mind. Have a look at this video and you will understand who Sherlock Holmes is in real life and how he used to solve crime cases?

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So this video though states that Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character but the real catch here is how an imagination of one person can make an impact on imagination of so many people. So I love the character of Sherlock Holmes and his famous dialogue ‘Elementary My dear Watson’ and I hope I will continue to do so. What about you?

Do you know that there is an official website of Sherlock Holmes? There is also an official museum dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street London.

sherlock holmes museum

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