Why trains suck in US?

US is the most developed nation in the world but it possess the most under developed train network. Even the developing country India has Asia’s longest train network then why not US?

Trains in US are slow, expensive and don’t even exist in many parts of the nation. Though US is very sparsely populated in comparison to their counterparts such as Europe, but this is not the only reason for such bad conditions of trains in US.

How trains in US operates? History of trains in US? Why train in US sucks? These all questions come to our mind once we read the topic subject.

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Watch the video below and you will understand that why trains suck in america?


Source: Wendover productions

Now you know that why trains in US are in such pathetic conditions. Though there have been some attempts to revive them but I believe there are no success till now.

Does the Elon Musk’s ambitious concept of Hyperloop is an answer to the above problem?

What you say is the best way to tackle the above problem of trains in US? Do reply in the comment section.

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