How to turn yourself into a Morning Person?

First of all I’m not a morning person at all. I am trying to be a morning person from a long time but seldom succeed. As soon as my alarm buzz, I don’t snooze it but discard it and go back to sleep with sheets above my head and the only thought in my mind is ‘5 more minutes’. Does the similar thing happen to you also? I bet it does and no matter what you try you are not able to get up early in the morning.

But for how long you will sleep till late in the morning and not allow you to feel the energy of the morning and inhale the fresh air that flows in early morning. I asked the same question to myself and tried to motivate me to wake up early in the morning. And guys you will not believe that results are amazing. I am not only getting up at 6 in the morning but also having a great energy for whole day. I though feel sleepy in the mid of the day but that happen even when I was not waking early. So guys just give a try to the below recommendations and you might become a morning person you are trying to be from a long time but unable to be.

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I adopted all the below techniques and you might find some of them interesting:

Adore your mornings

I know you are not able to do so as you didn’t had the mornings earlier to yourself but just think that how much you can do once you get up early. You might have 2 to 3 hours more for yourself and just think what amazing things you can do in those extra hours. You can go for an exercise, read a book, meditate, paint and listen to music or anything that you want.

Create your own playlist

Music is one of the best way to get up early. Music provides the kind of energy that you require for getting up and gaining momentum. You can set up a music playlist in the night and keep it close to you so that you can play it in the morning. I love Enrique and Arjit Singh songs and I play them while I get up.

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Check out your phone

I know it sounds weird but checking your Facebook, Instagram or twitter feed might help in opening your eyes because out of all the bullshit on the social media there might be something that will interest you. Also try to read out loud what you read; it’s a tried and tested formula.

Leave no choice

Put your alarm clock far from you so that you need to get up from your bed to dismiss the alarm. You can have multiple alarms so that if you dismiss one the other will keep ringing and will not let you fall asleep again.

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Make your bed

Get up and just make your bed. Fold your sheets so that you it is harder for you to crawl back into the bed once it is made.

Let the morning be in your room

Open your windows, draw side you curtains and let the fresh air or the morning sunshine come into your room. In this way you will gather energy and you will feel fresh and awake. Sound of the streets and the birds chirping will work like meditation music for you.

Craft your morning in night

Just plan what you will do once you get up in the morning and make a list of all the things you will love to do. In this way you will feel motivated that you have something positive to do in the morning and you will like to get up early so that you can complete the tasks you lined up.


So the above are some pretty good tricks I tried myself and now I am getting up early in the morning. I believe these tricks will help you so just give them a try and who knows you start being a morning person you always thought of being one.


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