What are India vs Pakistan greatest cricket matches?

India and Pakistan cricket rivalry go way back than we can thought and we can say that when there is India vs Pakistan on television, roads get deserted, families get stuck in front of televisions and all start cheering for their home country. Today is the Asia cup 2016, India vs Pakistan match and before you get busy I want to revive your memories with some greatest India vs Pakistan matches in history.

Saeed Anwar’s 194 runs innings 

In 1997 Saeed Anwar socred 194 runs against India,including 22 fours and 5 sixes. It was the highest score in an international match in world which got praised by all over the world. The innings marked the win for Pakistan as India was unable to chase 327 and Pakistan won by 35 runs.



India, Pakistan and Australia tri-series 1999-2000 

Batting first India got out for 195 with bowling figures of 3 for 19 for Shoaib Akhtar. Chasing that total Pakistan was 5 for 64 and India’s win was looking easy but Pakistan middle order save the day for them and Pakistan won the match by 2 wickets on the last ball.


2003 World cup, ‘Tendulkar !’

Sachin Tendulkar though missed his century by 2 runs but his 98 runs innings was one of the best innings he ever played and he really made the day for India.

Chasing 274 was  never easy for India but Sachin made the way so easy that even Pakistan’s Fastest bowler Akhtar was not able to stop him. India won the match by six wickets and went straight into the finals of 2003 World cup.


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2011 World cup Semifinal

World cup semifinal in Punjab and that too between India and Pakistan, a match every Cricket fan in two nations always wait for. Batting first India thrashed 260, thanks to Sachin’s 85 runs innings and also poor fielding by Pakistan.

Chasing the total of 260, Pakistan  was never in the driving seat and was bowled out at 229. India stormed into the finals with that win and the momentum of this win helped them in thrashing Sri Lanka in the finals and lift the 2nd World cup for India.


For me every match between India and Pakistan is great and I am going to cheer for India today.

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