What are India vs West Indies greatest cricket matches?

Today is India vs West Indies 2nd Semifinal of world cup T-20 and no doubt fans of both nations are excited about it. Both India and West Indies are playing cricket from a long time and both nations gave legacy to cricket world in the form of Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, ¬†Kapil Dev, Clive Llyod, Courtney Walsh, Sunil Gavaskar and many more. So today’s match is nothing new to the world of cricket. These both nations have played against them numerous times and there are so many matches you can never forget. So here are some of the greatest Cricket matches between India and west Indies played till now:

India VS West Indies (1991), Perth

We all know Sachin Tendulkar as one of the greaetst batsmen in the world but this match proves that he is one of the best bowlers also. Because of Sachin Tendulkar India was able to draw this low scoring game in which India made just 126 runs and West Indies got all out for 126. Have a look how India did that:

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India vs West Indies Hero Cup Final (1993)

This match was won by India and Hero Cup too with Anil Kumble playing the part of Hero by taking 6 wickets.


India vs Wet Indies 1983 world cup Final

An Indian can never forget this match. India won the World Cup in 1983 by beating West Indies. This match doesn’t need any description. Every Indian felt proud when Kapil Dev ¬†lifted the world cup in his hands. India made just 183 runs but managed to out the whole West Indies team on 140.


So these were some of the greatest cricket matches played between India and West Indies. Do comment If you know some more great matches between India and West Indies. We will be happy to add it in our list. So enjoy the today’s match and may the best team win.

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