What are the hottest destination wedding venues in India?


Wedding season is on and everyone is eager to attend the wedding of their friends and relatives. But what about if you’ll get a chance to attend a wedding that too on a holiday destination. What about a wedding on the beaches of Goa or on the hills of Mussorie? How about a royal wedding in the palace of Rajputs?

I love Beaches and always dreamed of having my wedding beside the sea. Goa a mixture of Breathtaking sunsets, Churches, Portuguese architecture, Old monuments, Beaches, Greens, Mountains, Unpredictable skies, rain and the freedom to be away from the crowds – is an ideal place for a dream wedding. Here are some of the pictures of Goa which will make you fall in love.

Wedding at Goa can be endless after parties on beach side, rain dance with beach cocktails and added flavors of the morning sunrise and evening sunset.




Favourite Resorts:

 Advantages of a destination wedding in Goa: Great weather, Cloudy or clear blue skies, heavy showers, pleasant breeze.

Keep in Mind: It can rain anytime so double-check weather forecasts. Need cars for transport as public transport is not that much adequate. Shacks close at night so long night parties need to be hosted indoors in the resort.

Best Time of the Year to host wedding: All year long. Nov-Jan (perfect pleasant weather), Oct & Feb (Warm), March-May (hot & rainy), June-September (Monsoon, Green Goa)



Mussoorie a hill station covered with beautiful trees looking down the valley, the amazing view of the Himalayas at sunset, and skies full of twinkling stars of the milky way. Wonderful romantic air, Long Pines, Canals, Beautiful Orchids, Waterfalls and beautiful architecture makes it a heaven for wedding pictures. A great getaway in the summer months and an ideal spot for folks who want to have a cold wedding.

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mussorie 3

Favourite Resorts:

  • JW Marriot Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa
  • Royal Orchid Fort Resort

Advantages: Awesome Weather with beautiful sunset on the Himalayas.

Keep in Mind:   Weather changes can be trick so be ready to dress up in layers. Afternoon can be warm while evenings will be perfect for bon-fire with guitar and drinks.

Best Time of the Year to host an event: Early-April To mid-July is the perfect time. Dec-Feb are the Snow months. Late-July – September are the rainy monsoon months and best avoided.



The city of Lakes, Udaipur is a home of Palaces, Castles, Lakes & sheer Luxury. Udaipur, the most romantic Oasis in India. Remember the wedding in the movie ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani’.

Favourite Resorts:

 Advantages: Clear blue skies, Large palaces, Royal temples, and the glory of the Rajputs surrounded by the hills of Aravalis, Lake Pichhola – Making udaipur a fascinating blend of sight, sound & experiences.

 Keep in Mind: Udaipur has really narrow lanes leading to most of the hotels.

Best Time of the Year to host an event: September – March are the most pleasant months. The summer months (April – August) are very hot.




Not interested in Rajput palaces so how about the grand Bhawan of Nizams? Interested in Hosting a wedding in Hyderabad?

Falaknuma Palace – is an iconic all marble palace built in 1893 by Nawab Vaqar-ul-Umra, the Nizam’s prime minister, before it was taken over by the Nizam VI. The palace is full of VO monograms after its first resident. An English architect combined Italian and Tudor architecture to give Falaknuma its unique look. Its stained glass windows throw a spectrum of colour into the rooms. The famed 101 seat dining table is treat in itself. Burroughs and Watts from England designed two identical tables, one of which is in Buckingham Palace and the other in the Falaknuma palace. The palace has the largest collection of Venetian chandeliers & the most unique Jade collection in the world. Its rare treasures including painting, statues, manuscripts, books, carved balustrades, photographs and even electrical systems and switchboards – are a magnificent part of history which you can be a part of.

Salman Khan’s sister Arpita tied the know with Aayush Sharma at this Palace.

hyderabad 1

Favourite Resort :

  • Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad.

Advantages: A Great city with hospitality in the nature of the city. Hyderabad also gives some wonderful options for pre-wedding photoshoots – like the Golconda fort, Yacht club etc.

Keep in Mind: Hosting an event at Taj falaknuma needs a lot of advance planning. It’s great for weddings with under 80 guests. Being a small property – it can sometimes be difficult to get more than 20-30 rooms during the months with great climate (especially weekends). And if you plan to host 250+ guests in hyderabad, you would need to book other hotels and plan the travel. A drive from the City to Taj falaknuma during peak office hours in the evening can sometimes take upto 2hrs.

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 Best Time of the Year to host an event: October – March are the most pleasant months. Weather in hyderabad is wonderful during this period. The evenings are mostly cool, and give you a great opportunity to host outdoor functions without worrying much about rain or dust storms



Jaipur a must do in the list of tourist, is the largest city in Rajasthan and home to some famous forts and palaces. It is a pink city, famous for handicrafts, jewellery, precious stones and ethnic rajasthani culture.

Hosting a wedding in Jaipur means you don’t have to think about guests as they will be busy sightseeing the city.




Favourite Resorts:

  • Taj Rambagh Palace
  • Jai Mahal Palace
  • Samode Palace & Haveli
  • Jaipur Marriot Hotel
  • Hari Mahal Palace
  • Neemrana Fort Palace

 Advantages: Very near to Delhi which means great connectivity from all over the world making Jaipur a great destination for wedding. Perfect place to have a royal wedding with traditional ceremonies, folk dances, puppet shows.

 What to Keep in Mind: Local traffic jams, heat in Summer Months, and nonstop rain in March-April.

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