What are the top 10 Vodka brands?

Vodka, a drink comprised of mainly water and alcohol and some flavors. Though the vodka is considered a patent of Russia, but not all good vodkas in the world are made in Russia. Our top 10 list of vodka brands is based on popularity and taste of the vodka. So here are the top 10 vodka brands in the world:

10. Hangar 1 Vodka : It is produced in United States with American wheat and grapes as the main ingredients. This fruity flavor vodka comes in four different types of variants:

  • Straight
  • Buddha’s Hand Citron
  • Mandarin Blossom
  • Makrut Lime

You can get more information by visiting the following link: http://hangarone.com/

9. Smirnoff (1864): One of the most popular vodka brands found all over the world, Smirnoff is produced in Russia since 1864. It is the oldest vodka you will find in our list. Started by Peter Smirnoff, the brand business passed on to generation of Smirnoff family. This vodka is popular all over the world and the brand has marketed many flavors some of which are Green Apple, Espresso and many more. You can get all the flavors information at the following link: http://www.smirnoff.com/en-us/vodkas/flavors/

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So if you want to try a real Russian vodka try Smirnoff.

8. Absolut Vodka (1879): Produced in Sweden, Absolut is the most globally known vodka of all time. It comes in a variety of flavors with Blue Label is the oldest and most basic form of the brand. For more information please visit http://www.absolut.com/en/

7. Finlandia (1970):  Originated in Finland and available all over the world, Finlandia is considered as the best unflavored vodka you can ever get. Produced with mixing alcohol with pure glacier water, Finlandia has not produced much flavors as its producers want to keep the original taste alive. Do visit the brand’s official website http://www.finlandia.com/en as I have never seen such dynamic website of an alcohol brand before.

6. Crystal Head Vodka (2008): Originated in Canada, Crystal Head is the newest vodka brand in the market. Filtered 7 times, Crystal Head vodka is sold in an unique skull head and though not much flavors are in the market this vodka has gained popularity in a very short time. For more details please visit: https://www.crystalheadvodka.com

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5.Chopin (1997): Named after Poland composer Fedrich Chopin, this brand is originated in Poland. This potato based vodka is produced in small batches and distilled four times. This vodka has won many awards in the 21st century and it still shining high. Read More: http://www.chopinvodka.com/

4. Ketel One (1983): Originally produced in Netherlands, Ketel One is distilled completely from wheat and filtered through charcoal to get the optimum filtration level. Though Ketel One’s unflavored vodka is most popular, the brand also produces Ketel One Citron and Ketel One Oranjae.

Read More: http://www.ketelone.com/

3. Belvedere (1993):  Once again this Poland vodka brand is number 3 on our list of vodka’s and it is sold as super premium vodka. This vodka can be the prized possession for your bar as it is popular all over the globe. It is produced in many flavors such as Mango or Pink Grape fruit.

Read More: http://www.belvederevodka.com/en-int

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2. Grey Goose (1997): Produced in France, Grey Goose is famous for its premium quality rich flavor all over the world. This brand was later bought by Bacardi and since then Grey Goose became a well known name all over the world. It has been named as best selling and best flavor vodka of all time. This wheat based vodka has proved that apart from great tasting french wines we can also get great vodka’s from France.

Read More: https://stage.greygoose.com/gl/en/lda.html

1. Stolichnaya (1901): If they say  that Russia is the birth place of vodka than they don’t lie. Stolichnaya is originated in Russia and is top most vodka in our list. It is a unique combination of wheat and Rye grains with of course alcohol and water, this vodka brand stands up to its reputation and is the best vodka you will ever taste in your life. Comes in many flavors but the original unflavored vodka is the best. Moreover you try any flavor you will not get disappoint.

Read More: http://www.stoli.com/

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