What Diamonds really cost?

An expensive meal, a declaration of romance, a big fat diamond ring and all set for a perfect proposal of wedding. After all there is a belief that a diamond ring means love and the bigger the diamond, the more is the love.

But have you ever thought why diamonds are so costly and rare?

The answer to the above question is that diamonds are very costly (more than what you pay) and diamonds really aren’t all that rare.

How can something be more costly than what we paid for it? Look at the below picture and you will get your answer.


Most of us take for granted the resources available to us in our daily lives. We never thought of the brutality and suffering it takes to extract those resources for our use at the expense of the people to whom they belong. So we continue to pump our cars with oil without giving a thought to the killings and brutality that is pursuing in the Middle East. The same holds true for diamonds that is worn by millions.

The symbol of beauty and everlasting love, diamonds are the desired gift for engagements and anniversaries. If we look into the reality of diamonds we will see millions of innocent African people and others who live on the other end of the equation. Perhaps after reading this article you can open your eyes to the deeper reality of an entire social system built on violence, slavery, genocide and the degradation of others in order to create a generous lifestyle for us.

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1. More than 4 million innocent Africans have died from civil wars related to mining – Globalwitness.org

2. Diamond mining has severely scarred Land, Soil and Water throughout larger pats of the world causing irreversible Environmental havoc.

3. Diamonds are not at all rare; globally 140 million diamonds are mined annually. If all Diamond mining were to stop today there are enough diamonds to last 20 years or more – Royal Bank of Canada.

4. Diamonds still continue to be used for Human rights abuse, forced child labor and organized crime – Amnesty International

African diamond workers live in the shanty towns that have burgeoned in South Africa since the fall of the apartheid system and the rise of neocolonialism, the system in which white imperialist power installs indigenous puppets as its front in Africa and other former colonies. African men are still stuffed into compounds and ramshackle huts near the mines, while African women who work as cleaners must stay in the women’s barracks. If a husband and wife are found sleeping together they are fired.

In Namibia the unionized diamond workers live in abject poverty in hovels without running water, electricity, health care or education for their children. The men live in compounds separated from their families. They are given bunk beds without mattresses to sleep in and are exposed to radiation and other health hazards. In the past century since the genocidal Belgian colonialism in Congo, African people have been subjected to ongoing war, bloodshed and powerlessness. The poverty is so severe that most African people have nothing to eat for days at a time. Yet Congo alone holds immeasurable wealth from diamonds, coltan and a wide variety of other valuable minerals essential to the daily functioning of the capitalist world. By all rights, every single resident of the Congo should enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. Every child should grow up in a prosperous family with a lovely house, with access to the highest quality education and the best possible health care.

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Most of Africa is blessed with this profuse wealth of natural resources. Yet half of the people in diamond rich West Africa live on less than a dollar a day. It has the lowest life expectancy at birth in the world—in 10 countries in Africa the life expectancy is 46 years. Sierra Leone has the highest infant mortality rate in the world with 284 deaths per every thousand live births.

The DeBeers cartel controls at least 80 percent of the world diamond trade. As we see, the other 20 percent are the ones they call the “blood” diamonds. It would be very difficult to calculate the total wealth of DeBeers because of its worldwide holdings on a multitude of fronts. The billions of dollars of wealth from the diamond industry benefit the white population as a whole. The diamond trade makes huge profits in the U.S., Israel and Belgium and South Africa with hundreds of thousands of lucrative jobs and spin-off businesses for white people.

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India, on the other hand, has more than a half million diamond workers, but the working people do not profit from it. Seventy percent of the world’s diamonds set in jewelry are cut and polished in India, a $3.3 billion industry. Most of the Indian workforce is comprised of farm boys who earn tiny wages at small diamond-cutting sweatshops in the most impoverished sections of Mumbai, Surat and Ahmadabad. Almost 30 percent of this jewelry is imported to the U.S., which then turns them over for $11 billion annual profit.

“Diamonds are essentially worth nothing,” Says Mordechai Rapaport, whose Rapaport Group Price List is the industry standard.

“It’s all about what they signify,” By that logic, he adds: “When a guy gives a woman a diamond and someone was killed for it, it is not worth anything.” 

Men, you don’t need to waste a ton of money to prove your manhood. If Mark Zuckerberg can forgo the diamond engagement ring, then you can too.

Women, if your man buys you a diamond as a means to keep you quiet for another year about marriage; he probably should be dumped anyway. Find someone more grounded who is excited about building a life together with you — not someone who’s trying to continue being single while taking you along for the ride.

I don’t know what is your view regarding the diamonds after reading this article but one thing is for sure that no one can start a happy life on the lives of innocents.

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