India is the second most populous country in the world, the largest democracy and home to vast diversity in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity.It’s often said about India that where something is true, the opposite will also be true. Talking of Indians, they attract several stereotypes – which often define them just right. Indians today are making their mark all over the world but there are somethings which happen only in India. Let’s be through.

0Only in India a chaiwala (tea vendor) becomes the prime minister of world’s biggest democracy and wins the hearts of the people all around the globe. Year 2014 saw one of the biggest political change in the history of INDIA when BJP party candidate Mr. Narendra Modi became the prime minister.




india-yoga-teacher-training-certificationYoga– The very word radiates peace and tranquility. This feeling probably stems from the etymology of the word.The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which essentially means to join or unite. The union referred to is that of the individual self-uniting with Cosmic Consciousness or the Universal Spirit. Yoga is a means to achieve this goal.Born in India, almost 26,000 years ago, Yoga is believed to have evolved during the period of the ‘Sat Yuga’, also called the Golden age.

main-qimg-1b28f1a97be69ab578aa913015189217The fault is of the poster on the wall. Far more people in India have access to a cell phone than to a toilet and improved sanitation, according to UN experts who published a 9-point prescription for achieving the world’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for sanitation by 2015.

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Religion in India is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices.India is the birthplace of three of the world’s major religions; namely Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.Throughout India’s history, religion has been an important part of the country’s culture. Religious diversity and religious tolerance are both established in the country by the law and custom; the Constitution of India has declared the right to freedom of religion to be a fundamental right.

lang_colorThe official languages of the Union Government of the Republic of INDIA are Hindi in the Devanagari script and English.The Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution lists 22 languages, which have been referred to as scheduled languages and given recognition, status and official encouragement. In addition, the Government of India has awarded the distinction of classical language to Tamil, Sanskrit, Telgu, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya.

According to Census of INDIA of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. However, figures from other sources vary, primarily due to differences in definition of the terms “language” and “dialect”. The 2001 Census recorded 30 languages which were spoken by more than a million native speakers and 122 which were spoken by more than 10,000 people.[

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Touching-FeetRespect & Love- Touching elders’ feet is the first lesson in manners and etiquette that all Indian children are taught. So, generally, one is supposed to touch the feet of a person if he/she happens to be an elder member of the family or a respected spiritual person. Since Indians normally live in joint families, this gesture is performed by the sons and daughter-in-laws for their parents and grandparents.

In India people do not call each other with sir/ma’am or their names, everybody is given with family love. Even a rickshaw wala is termed as bhaiya/bhau/anna (Brother).

time_sachin_tendulkar1 cricket-religionIn India, Cricket isn’t just a game. It is a bonafide religion. A religion where cricketers are Gods and every victory is a festival.Sachin Tendulkar definitely is one of the most prolific run getters in International cricket. He is an astute and consistent performer who continued to deliver at an age where people start looking for retirement plans, cataract surgery or marriage of their children. The matters of faith (Religion, Politics and Cricket) in India, however run to extremes and he is coronated as ‘God’.

The concept of Arranged Marriage may sound impractical to the Western world, but in India, it is a usual norm. No matter how westernized India may have become, arranged marriages are still viewed as the most preferred choice in the Indian families. This kind of marriage has its roots laid to the time, when the ritual of child marriage prevailed in the country. Child marriage was essentially performed, so as to restrict the children from marrying outside their community and social status. The practice was essentially a way of uniting and maintaining the difference between the rich upper class society and the poor lower class society. This practice of caste system gave rise to the concept of arranged marriages.

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donkey-on-india-tv Indian media has changed the concept of breaking news with news that just increase viewership and that is shown as a breaking news.





aa30fb66-4dd3-42fe-85b0-a3df08fc4664A car puja is a Hindu ceremony blessing an automobile to keep it from bad influences and to bless it in God’s name. Hindus often perform pujas for items used in daily life: houses, motor vehicles, and sometimes home appliances. People try to do the puja before using the item, or as soon as possible after purchase. Puja details may vary from pujari (Hindu priest) to pujari, but the 15-minute ceremony performed for my car was fairly typical.

Videshi-Jugaad-For-Air-Conditioning“Jugaad” is a word best suitable for Indians.Only Indians know how to utilize the available resources upto its full extent at the lowest expense.




So we Indians are different and Rock in our own way.

Cheers to be Indian.






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  • June 19, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    NIce illustrative article. Keep it up BRO!!!

  • July 9, 2015 at 12:59 am

    This was a good read 🙂 and on respect and love thing, I wanna add, it’s not only country India to us, it’s our “MOTHER INDIA” and we are the children of it. No other ppl around d globe have such kinda relationship with their country that we even worship our mitti and it’s holy for us.

  • July 10, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    hahaha.. Jugaad, d most special characteristics and a perfect word that describes we Indians. heard of the joke? If it needs to be tested whether chips were filled in a pack or not, japanese would install a install a huge machine investing 1000$ but we’ll simply put a fan there :p jo ud gaya wo khaali tha.. “JUGAAD”

  • June 22, 2016 at 3:10 am

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    that what you’re using on yolur blog?


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