What happens when you do not switch off your phone to airplane mode on a flight?

If you have ever  been on an airplane, you know you have to either switch off all electronic devices or put your mobile phone to airplane mode. Have you wondered why it is so? There are so many electronic items in a pilot’s cockpit, all running and trying to fly a plane, then why you were asked to switch off your electronic devices. What harm it can bring to us? I don’t think it’s a security issue regarding instruction calls to terrorists or threat calls from down the Earth.

The reason that I though was that signals from your electronic device can mingle with the signals from plane and can cause malfunction of the plane devices and ultimately plane crash. But I can guarantee you that is not true.

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The real reason is that the signals from your devices create a buzzing sound in the ears of pilot and air traffic controllers, thereby annoying them a lot. And you don’t want to annoy these people as they have your life in your hands for the hours you are sitting in your plane. It’s the same sound you hear when you have your mobile phone near your speakers and suddenly a call comes on your phone. The ‘zzzzzzzz’ sound you hear at that time is the sound, and we know we don’t like that.

So next time in a flight when you were asked to switch off your electronic devices, do that without giving a second thought.

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