What inspired the Game Of Thrones?

Game of thrones season 6 is going to stream this month and everyone is eagerly waiting for it. Till now the series had created a thrilling experience for its viewers and no doubt its the most famous series of all time. The rivalry between kingdoms to acquire the throne, love and hatred among siblings, death, life and everything that you can expect from a real kingdom is what you get from this series.

First lets have a look at the season 6 trailer:


Mesmerizing isn’t!!,

So we all love Game of thrones and we all know its characters but have you ever thought the inspiration behind this epic series. I know I am too late too ask this question but curiosity has its own will and it comes when it wants to come. So back to my question that What Inspired Game of Thrones? Some of you might think that it is a work of fiction and  I too thought the same way till now. Novelist George R. R. Martin had wrote this series and it became the best seller in a very short time and the Game of Thrones series is always considered as a fiction but after watching the video below you might change your view. Have a look:

I don’t know the entire truth about the video but the war of the roses is true story for the throne of England and you can get all the information in the following link: War of the Roses

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The video shows many similarities between the Game of Thrones and the War of Roses and seriously I am somewhat believing this stuff and this video has made me more curious about the origin of Game of thrones. Are you curious enough to find out more? If yes then stay connected with our website and you will get your curiosity answered in a very short time.

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