What is AlphaGo and how it beat humans?

I believe the topic is something everyone is not familiar about and it might have probably made you curious to read. So first we start with most basic question that is coming in to our mind that what is AlphaGo?

AlphaGo is the first computer to beat a human professional player at the game of Go. Game of Go is a 2500 years old Chinese game in which two players fight to gain territory on a board using abstract strategy.

alpha Go2

How to play the game of Go?

Its a simple game in which two player take turns to place black or white stones on a board so that they can capture the empty territory or their opponent’s stones. It is said that there are more possible positions in a game of Go then there are atoms in the universe. Some say that it is more complex than Chess but some say its not.

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Source: gocrazy432 (Youtube)

Now the question arises is what is AlphaGo?

AlphaGo is a computer game that is developed by Google Deepmind to play the game of Go. AlphaGo not only just play the game of Go but it had beaten Lee Sedol in a 5 game match. Lee sedol is one of the world’s best player of the game of Go and AlphaGo is the self learning Artifical Inteliigence robot.

alpha Go3

Source: Coldfusion

AlphaGo won the game by 4-1. AlphaGo started playing this game in october 2015 and since then its keep on improving itself. In March 2016 AlphaGo became the first computer game to beat a 9-dan professional without handicap.

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Source: Nature Videos

Artificial Intelligence is growing with a pace no one has ever thought of and if you are  a normal person then you might be afraid of it because of the threat artificial intelligence pose on humanity as shown in many Hollywood movies. Elon musk himself has second thoughts about artificial intelligence but Google doesn’t. Google’s Deepmind Technologies has created history and you may never know what next it would do.

artificial intelligence1


Google Deepmind want to solve intelligence for making the world a better place to live but giving so much power to a computer that can think, feel and do almost everything a human does is something we should think again. We don’t know that artificial intelligence is a boom or bane for the humanity but right now it is creating wonders and people are loving it.

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Nature Paper on Alpha Go

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