What is Earth day?

Today (22 April) is celebrated as Earth Day. This is what I got to know when I saw the google doodle which is celebrating Earth day. So I got curious about what really Earth Day is? Is it like we celebrate the origin of Earth on this day or like we thank Earth for all its nature shower on us? I was confused and my research got me this information:

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is not a remembrance or a celebration of any type but it is a day to just think about all those things that Earth has provided us and also thank Earth for our healthy lives. This day is also celebrated to create an awareness among people about Earth, our life support.

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When it is Started?

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 in the United States by environmental activist Gaylord Nelson, whose sole purpose was to gather political support for environment through US government. Gaylord Nelson was the US Senator from Wisconsin at that time and he wanted to create awareness about how to protect Earth and its natural resources so that we can protect our mother Earth.

What Is its main purpose?

Earth Day’s sole purpose was to protect the mother Earth from all the dangers that we human beings have created in our life time. With global warming at its peak, temperatures at all time high, frequent earthquakes and natural disasters, all are creating havoc in the world and these all conditions were caused by us. With growing population of the world, consumption of natural resources have increased, increase in habitation leading to cut down of forests and mountains,  and all the pollution which we create daily is all leading to deterioration of Earth and it should be stopped right now. The purpose of Earth day is to ask people to care for nature and stop all activities which directly or indirectly harm Earth.

How Earth Day is celebrated?

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There is no specified way to celebrate this day and people can choose any way they want. We can plant trees, switch off our lights for few hours, take a walk to the office instead of driving in our car, stop polluting our environment, etc.

The main motive is that you start caring for the environment so that we can live a happy life and can leave a safe Earth for our future generation. I recommend that this should be celebrated as an international holiday and all people of Earth should be asked to do something good for our mother Earth. If you haven’t done anything yet then just plant a tree in your neighborhood and you will thank yourself after some years when you will be breathing fresh air and drinking clean water.

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So guys how you will be going to celebrate Earth Day ? Do leave your answers in comment so that you may become an inspiration for others.


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