What is Hyperloop?

What are the modes of transport you know? As far as I know there are cars, trains, planes, ships and maybe rockets although we don’t generally use rockets. These all modes of transport were invented in past and all brought a development humanity has never dreamed of. But now if I will say that there is one more dream I want to give to you then I believe you will not be surprised as nowdays technology is at its peak and new inventions have become frequent.

Did you know that speed of fastest bullet trains is around 431 km/hr. And if now I say that you can travel on ground with the speed of 1000 km/hr then I believe it is not easy to digest. I am not talking about supersonic jets running on ground and believe me I know what I am talking about. I am talking about Elon Musk’s new dream project – Hyperloop.

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What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a new mode of transport in which passangers travel in a pressurized capsule which runs in an almost vaccum enviornment. If it is difficult to understand than just think of an air hockey table in game stations. The way air hockey mallet travel on an air cushion without friction is the same concept that this hyperloop works on.

There is a tube with a pod in it and that travels on an air cushion and the speed is around 1000 km/hr. The design is complicated but for Elon Musk it’s very easy. But Elon Musk is not making Hyperloop, he just designed it. Yes the so called Tony Stark of the real world, Elon Musk is too busy building rockets and other stuff that he outsourced this idea in form of a competition and now there are so many companies that are  working on this concept to make it a reality.

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This concept came to Elon’s mind when he got stuck in a traffic jam and got late for a meeting. Something only brilliant minds can do.


Advantages of Hyperloop

  • It costs around $6 billion which is much less than many high speed rail projects currently going on worldwide.
  • The estimated cost for one passenger is about $25 for a 500 km ride.
  • Hyperloop is highly energy efficient as it can use solar power. Infact Hyperloop can generate more power than it consumes in a closed system.

Problems anticipated with Hyperloop

  • Hyperloop can be a bad experience for passengers as they will be confined in a capsule which is running in a closed tube.
  • How accidents and emergencies will be handeled in a closed system?
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At present there are tracks laid in Neveda for engineering companies to test their design. Three companies have already started thesting their design and they are:

  1. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc.
  2. SpaceX
  3. Hyperloop Technologies

Source: Tech cocktail (Youtube)

This is a concept which can revolutionise the medium distance travel in the future. So I am eagerly waiting for this concept to become a reality.

Hope you have liked the above information. Do leave us your feedback in the comments section and share our article as there are so many curious minds around youwho are hungry.


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