What is the best time to buy an airline ticket?

I am looking for airline tickets to Andaman for months and I am not getting the price my friends got. I was just wondering when should I look so that I get the best price. There should be a time when the tickets are on sale. My curiosity lead me to various websites and I found the following information:

  • The best time to buy a ticket is seven weeks before takeoff. You should not wait for the last minute deal as there are very less chances that you will get a low price ticket. According to many researches you should never book an airline ticket within the final two weeks before take off.
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  • Airlines earn money from knowing your buying habits. As per airline corp. buy tickets within 8 weeks to 5 weeks before take off but you should not always buy early airlines. Sometimes buying too early can also lead you to pay higher price.


  • ¬†Airline start offering cheaper seats in about 7 to 5 months before departure.


  • Prices change upto 3X per day so you should always look the prices as they fluctuate rapidly.


  • Signup for email alerts from airlines as you cannot always keep looking for tickets.

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  • Never fly on Sunday as it is usually the most expensive day to fly. But during Holiday season don’t follow ¬†the above rules and book tickets as early as possible.
  • Prices rise upto 40% on daily basis during the week of the flight.
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  • Look for nearby airports as many cities have more than one airport and prices change as per the airport.


  • Buy on Tuesday or Wednesday and fly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.


  • I also found somewhere that you should clear your browser histories and cookies before looking again for the same flight as airlines can increase prices if they recognize that you are a returning user. But I don’t know it actually happens or not. But I will surely try it next time.

I think you should keep the above points in mind while booking tickets next time as there is no harm in trying something and you might be lucky.

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