What is the difference between Football and Soccer??

Football is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. We all know how thrilled the whole world was when the Football World Cup started in June 2014. But then what is soccer? Many say that both words refer to the same game, while some say that both are different games.What is the difference between these two words? Do you really know which sport fan you are, football or soccer?


Based on my understanding , Football is the original name and is the official name, hence international governing body of association football i.e. FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) is named after Football.While the sport is same, the name changes depending on the continent.

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In the majority of Europe and the world it is officially known as Football. But in a few western nations like the US and Australia, they call it soccer. This is done so it does not confuse the sport with the ‘football’ codes. In the US, football is commonly known as American Football while in Australia it can depend on where u go in the country. In Australia mainly it is known as football, but in northern New South Wales and Queensland its sometimes known as Rugby League or Rugby Union.

In the United Kingdom, the terms football and soccer refer to the same thing while in United States, soccer and football are two different games. The football there is more like the rugby and the players wear the armor to protect themselves from getting hurt. And in soccer, the teams use the feet to kick the ball around, and do not wear any armors.



  • Football is the term used for many common games under the umbrella, while soccer is just one among them.
  •  In different football games(like Rugby), the players can use the hands, feet, or whole body to move the ball, while in soccer only the feet can be used.
  • Soccer uses sphere balls, while other football games used rounded or pointed balls depending on the format of the game.
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So there is no difference in football and soccer if you are in UK or in any Asian country but if you are in US or Australia then use your words carefully as you might end up watching a totally different sport.

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