What life would be without gravity?

Gravity, an obvious thing in our life and we all know its not going anywhere. But have you ever thought what our daily lives would have been without gravity? Just think for a second. Nothing comes to your mind. This is because we can’t imagine something which has not happened in the entire history of mankind. So don’t imagine and scroll below to get a feel of what your life would have been without gravity?


Travelling would be easy as you don’t have to stuck in traffic jams and you can reach anywhere by floating in the air in your flying cars, but beware of the other flying cars you might collide.

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Taking shower will be tricky as it is possible that you might have to travel for a long time with soap on your body to catch some droplets of water.


In office you have to work resting on office ceilings in a chair with safety belts.


Brushing your teeth can only be done if you can catch the toothpaste floating in the air and the water flying from the tap.


Lifting weights would be easy and a new born can also have six pack abs.


Want to drink coffee… a tough task but not impossible.

8.Don’t fire bullet in the air otherwise it will move around the world forever.

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Football will be fun as the ball and the players both will be flying in the sky.


God knows how we will manage our room with all things flying around.

The above all were the situations which will make your life tough without gravity but one thing that will be nice is that you have to keep your loved ones close otherwise, one slip and they will go miles away.

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