What you did not know about Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian, an American social media personality made it to the news some time back due to his amazing luxurious life and his Instagram photos.  Here is the cover pic of his Instagram page:

dan bilzerian3

Obviously every guy on this planet will feel jealous of him and I am one of them. There were numerous things said about him and his way of life and you can find all those stuff in the below link:


But what you don’t know about Dan Bilzerian is this:

Dan’s father Paul Bilzerian is a Wall Street corporate leader who negotiates take over of large companies.

paul bilzerian2

paul bilzerian

Dan’s brother Adam Bilzerian is a professional Poker player.┬áDan himself is a Poker winner and in some of the high stake games he won more than $50 million.

dan bilzerian4

Dan’s an actor and also a stuntman. Some of the famous movies in which he featured are

Lone survivor

The Equalizer

Cat Women 2

Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor

Dan is worth over $100 million.

dan bilzerian7

Dan was kicked out of High school for bringing an M16 in the school.


Dan was in the Navy for 510 days before he was kicked out. He hoped to become a Navy seal one day.

dan bilzerian8

Dan started a charity named The Robin Hood Project in 2013.

the robin hood project

Dan’s cat Smushball has over 750000 Instagram followers.

smushball 1

Dan already suffered 2 Heart Attacks within a span of 24 hours due to the consumption of viagra, coke, ecstacy and alcohol all four things together after continuous partying for 5 days.

dan bilzerian9

Dan has a girlfriend Andreea Bolbea, with whom he has an open relationship.

andreea bolbea





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