What you don’t know about airlines?

Have you ever thought why you need to sit upright while landing or take off? What exactly is the job of a flight attendant? How much profit is earned by airline companies, as you know the tickets are so costly? If you have these questions in your mind than read  below:

I have not worked in the airline industry and all the information below is based on my research.

  • Why fight attendants ask you to keep you seat in upright position while landing and take off? Why your tray tables need to be stowed during landing and take off? Its not like that the tray tables will come out or flight attendants love to ask you the same thing again and again. It is because the flight’s landing and take off are the most dangerous time of flight as at that time the whole plane is under the control of pilot. During the flight most of the work is done by the computers. So while landing and take off if emergency occurs than your tilted seat or your open tray table will block the movement of people across the plane and create panic.
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  • Have you ever drank coffee on the plane? If yes than please don’t drink it again. The coffee in the plane isn’t made from bottled water and the drinking water used in the plane is not so good. The problem is the valves which are used to clean out the lavoratory waste or fill the clean water are very close and sometimes serviced by the same guy and at the same time. Always prefer bottled water to drink on the plane.

  • If you are drinking too much free alcohol on the flight than there is always a chance that later you will only getting a little rum and lots of cold drink mixed so that you just taste liquor. Flight attendants don’t want you to be too drunk so that you don’t need extra care.
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  • Your flight is most of the time overbooked. Yes it is true. There are always so many people who miss flight because of delayed connection flight, oversleeping or a variety of reasons. If airlines will not overbook then they have to fly half empty and this will generate a huge loss for them.


  • We were talking about loss then I want to ask you how much profit airlines make? In India almost every airline carrier is either operating in loss or already shut down. Airlines are not actually making any money on your tickets. If the flight is running 85% full then airlines make about $ 1 per ticket. The actual money comes from those extra services they ┬áprovide such as extra baggage allowance, more charge for front seats, and many more such services. That’s why for every service they have extra charge and not a general charge added to every ticket.
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  • Why lights are dimmed during takeoff? Its not for your convenience so that you sleep but it is for emergency so that your eyes will be adjusted to dark and you can follow the light pathways to exit easily during emergency.

  • If your plane is delayed or cancelled then don’t wait in the line on the ticket counter. Just call the airlines customer service and your problem will be solved. The more you stay in the line the less are the chances for you to get ticket on the next flight.


So next when you take a flight keep the above points in mind and make your travel hassle free.

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