Why keys are not arranged alphabetically in a QWERTY keyboard?

In childhood we learnt that alphabet run from A to Z but when you will see your keyboard it looks the inventor has not gone to playgroup. The alphabets are easy to remember when they are written alphabetically but in our keyboards keys are not arranged alphabetically and this are absolutely weird. Why to make such a simple thing complicated? Not only this, the keyboards we use today have a special name ‘QWERTY’ keyboard. If you will look at the top left of your keyboard you will find QWERTY written.

But don’t get confused as ‘Everything Is Planned’.

Christopher Sholes designed the QWERTY keypad in 1874 in order to make improvement in his old typewriter for E. Remington and sons and his sole intention was to make a more quicker and efficient typewriter. The problem with old typewriter was that the buttons would collide and get jam. During typing letters tend to be missed and without a ‘backspace’ option in the typewriter, it becomes difficult to work.

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Sholes solved the above problem by placing the most common keys used farthest to each other so that they don’t get jam while being used. Though it initially slowed the typists but eventually they picked up the pace and with no jamming problem the work became easy and more efficient.

QWERTY was developed for typewriters but computer keyboards took the design and rest is all history.

Nowadays electronic keyboards are used which doesn’t require QWERTY but as the design become a standard and people were accustomed to it, they never changed the design.  

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