Why do hospitals charge for blood that was donated for free?

Recently there is a blood donation camp in my office premises organized by a leading blood bank in INDIA. My office HR team is trying to popularize it among the employees by presenting it as a social cause and trying to make people feel that they have some moral duties towards society. Well I appreciate their endeavour but I have a question on my mind. If we donate blood free then why hospitals and blood banks charge money for it?


During my research I found that our donated blood is part of a billion-dollar business that’s bought, sold, and at times, even thrown away. When you will ask the blood bank about it they say that they charge for blood to meet the expenses they incur in various activities they perform before selling the blood such as:

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1. Organizing blood donation camps

2. Conducting various tests on one’s blood sample.

3. Preserving the blood in their blood banks (cost of electricity)

4. Additional expenses like employees salary, rent, etc;

“From the costs of keeping our lights on and our electricity going on a daily basis, from paying our staff,” are the words of a blood bank executive.

The blood banks are a non-profit organization but many of us don’t know that a non-profit organization is still able to make a profit. It just doesn’t get to distribute it to anybody. They charge for blood to meet their expenses and the money left after the month is kept as a reserve for some unexpected expenses.

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Charging for blood is one thing but throwing it away? How can someone throw donated blood they got for free?

The answer for this is that whole human blood has a shelf life of 42 days. So if the stored blood exceed the day’s storage limit or if it doesn’t meet the specifications required then it is thrown away.

blood-donation-vector-art_23-2147495569“If we don’t run it like a business, then we’ll be out of business, and we won’t be serving anybody,” words of a blood bank executive.

So blood donation is a noble cause and if we go with the information as provided by the blood bank then the banks are definitely a non-profit organization, but if not then government should make regulations for the same.

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Donating blood is giving the gift of life, and there is nothing more noble than saving a life.

Donating blood is also good for your health. Want to know Why? Click on the following link: http://www.medicaldaily.com/why-donating-blood-good-your-health-246379

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