Why everyone should Read books?

When was the last time you read a book? Do you know that world’s 84.1% of the population is literate but out of these 84.1 % people how many of them have the habit of reading regularly? If you are one of the countless people who don’t have the habit of reading regularly then you are missing something. But why listen to me? I am not an expert on reading.So just go through the listed benefits of regularly reading books and decide for yourself.

1.  Increases your knowledge: This the most important benefit of reading regularly. With reading we get to know the world and things we are not aware of. So if you want to learn about the world and things happening around then you must read regularly.

2. Improves your vocabulary: Reading will not help you in speaking but it will help you in speaking efficiently. The more you read the more words you will encounter and hence your vocabulary will expand exponentially and these words will make way into your everyday conversation. And everyone knows that being well spoken is of great help in any profession and it will definitely boost your career.

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3. Improves focus and concentration: Reading a book requires one to be isolated from the outside world and provide complete focus and concentration on the book. This leads to improve concentration which helps one in not only personal but professional life also.

4. Improves writing skills: The more you read the more your thought process will work and hence you will be able to write more creatively with lots of new ideas and information you gathered while reading books.

5. It makes your personality interesting and attractive: Reading and conversing goes hand in hand. If you are regular reader then you have lots of information and knowledge and now you can stand anywhere and make conversation with people around you thus making you an attractive social personality.

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6. It reduces stress: There are lots of researches on this topic and it has been found that people who read regularly have low stress level and they are happier in their everyday life.

7. It helps you discover yourself: It might be possible that till now you are not able to identify what you want in your life and while reading books you might get to know what exactly you want. People get inspired by reading biographies of great man or learn some good habits from people they admire. So it might be possible that while reading about Sherlock Holmes you get to know that you want to be a detective or while reading about Steve Jobs you get to know that you want to be an entrepreneur.

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8. Entertainment: Reading is an entertainment you can get whenever you want and you need to be dependent on anyone for it. People make reading their hobby as they love to read in their free time. This is one habit that you will find common in almost every great person or scholar you have ever known.

So after reading the above benefits i believe you will definitely start reading and if you are already a book reader then make it a regular habit as books are best friend for life.


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One thought on “Why everyone should Read books?

  • August 17, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    n most imp. it makes u know about the world 🙂


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