Why fake pockets on your suit are stitched shut?

If you own a suit then you have probably grown up and maybe attending interviews or business meetings. Suits are something that make men desirable, sexy and mature. I am not talking about guys who just wear suit on some wedding or parties but about men who define the word gentlemen. Owing suits automatically defines you as an adult.

I am taking about those suits, which when you wear and look in the mirror you say to yourself ‘Phewww!! Look at me. I can do anything today. Can I be more handsome?’ If you haven’t said this then either you didn’t got the chance to wear a suit or you don’t like to look yourself in the mirror.

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Have you seen the TV series ‘Suits’? If yes then have you wondered why a serial based on attorneys is named Suits? Suits define your personality and in this TV series suits are doing exactly what they are meant for. Just have a look at Harvey Specter or Mike Ross and I bet you will go right now to buy a suit.


We are not here to talk of the TV Series. So lets keep it aside for some other day. Coming to the real question that why ‘Fake’ pockets on our suit are stitched shut?

Pockets are not stitched shut to keep you from putting anything in them. They are actual pockets and you just need to cut the stitches via scissors or knife for using those pockets. Pockets are stitched to keep your suit in shape while it is in transit or kept in store. You need to remove those stitches once you buy the suit.

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Also as per the advice from Suits manufacturers please don’t keep too much stuff in those pockets. Avoid stuffy or bulky items and keep the integrity intact of those pockets. Filling your pockets unnecessary will ruin your suit fitting and suit will loose it’s grace and texture with time.

So keep the above advice in mind and wear suit like a true gentlemen.


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