Why The Great Wall Of China is so extraordinary?

The Great Wall Of China as the name suggests is a great ¬†fortified wall built in the historical china and is now considered as the world heritage site. But what so special about it? Its just a simple wall made from bricks and mortar. I know it is approximately 21 km long but a simple long wall can’t be special just for its length. There must be something more. And you should not forget that the wall is made by people of china who are the world’s biggest labor force.

So aren’t you curious about it? Don’t you want to know about the greatness of the Great Wall of China? Don’t you want to know the truth behind the saying that the only structure on Earth which is visible from the moon is The Great Wall Of China. If Yes then have a look:

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Source: TED Ed

What are the Greatest facts about The Great Wall Of China

Travel Great Wall Of China Guide

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