Why NOKIA fall?

Do you know that Nokia Lumia phones are now called as Microsoft Lumia? NOKIA as a  brand doesn’t exist now and this is the hard truth for all those who have ever used Nokia devices. Microsoft in a  7.6 billion US$ deal bought NOKIA in April 2014 and since then NOKIA as a brand has been wiped off.

NOKIA a company that revolutionized telecom business and gave this world something they can never forget such as NOKIA 1100. I h ave used one of NOKIA’s most durable phones, NOKIA 1100 and I can only say amazing phone of that time. My first phone was NOKIA and I thought NOKIA was the inventor of mobile phones (they were not). The question here is what wrong was done by one of the most successful company such that company lost its identity?


Nokia dates back to 1860’s when a Mining Engineer Fedrick opened a pulp mill near the town of NOKIA. He didn’t knew at that time that this name will become a global brand and a company that will write history for more than 100 years.  Soon NOKIA diversified its business into many fields such as mills, rubber, television and many more. In 1960’s during the civil war Finland wanted to grow research in radio telecommunications for better military communications and the contract was won by NOKIA. So from here the golden era of NOKIA began and it became a company you know.


In 1985 NOKIA entered US marked with mobile phones, a device that was something extraordinary for the world. You don’t have to insert coins in the phone or stay at one place to talk to someone. This device was amazing and it was proved by the sale of the phone that grew by more than 3000%.


In 1990’s NOKIA became the king of mobile phones. NOKIA produced so many diversified indestructible range of phones and everyone just wanted one thing NOKIA. In 1992 NOKIA launched NOKIA 1001, world’s first GSM digital phone. In 1994, NOKIA 2110 was launched and it was like a foreigner in the world of locals. Yes till now the phones were big, huge with large display but NOKIA 2110 was sleek, stylish with a large display. NOKIA 2110 was also the first phone having NOKIA’s exclusive ringtone which is still used. It was also the first phone in which we can send and receive messages. In 1997 came the NOKIA 6110 which featured for the first time the exclusive SNAKE game. By 1998 NOKIA overtook MOTOROLA and became the biggest mobile producing company in the world. So everything was going well for NOKIA then what happened which made NOKIA a history?

NOKIA 1100 in 2003, NOKIA 6650 the world’s first 3G phone and NOKIA 7650, the first camera phone of NOKIA. So NOKIA was on a ride and there was no one to take over. So what went so wrong that NOKIA just vanished from the mobile industry?


Since 2003 NOKIA started doing experiments with new stylish designs and features. This was the first mistake that started NOKIA fall. During that time games have taken a big leap in their growth and were the new toys for teenagers. PS2 was at its prime and with the growing game industry NOKIA wanted to grow. So NOKIA launched its famous N.GAGE. Look below:

If you look at the design this phone was a hybrid of mobile phone and game console, and it was not what people expected at that time. IT completely failed to meet people expectations and the experiment failed. Experiments do fail all the time but what came next was unexpected. With the growing fantasy of smart phones and technology, companies wanted to build smart but NOKIA instead of moving forward went backwards. NOKIA decide to focus on its traditional phones and this is what became the major cause of NOKIA fall. With technology there is always a rule to keep up with its pace but NOKIA tried to counter it.

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NOKIA do launched its N-series of phones but till then people got the taste of iPhone and Samsung S series phones and now NOKIA was no longer people’s choice.Samsung grew rapidly with Android and Iphone with IOS and there was no takers for NOKIA’s Symbian. The N-95 didn’t looked much good as people wanted something unique.

NOKIA made an interactive tablet way before the APPLE iPad came but NOKIA didn’t understood the full potential of their device and they didn’t market it properly. So NOKIA was slow to move.

NOKIA thought that iPhone is way too expensive as compared to its phones, which was correct in every way but you never know the consumers.  iPhones started selling like hot cakes and by 2008 NOKIA too started understanding the importance of IOS. So within NOKIA one team started building a software similar to IOS and other team was working on Symbian (NOKIA’s prime operatig system). This started an internal conflict within the company and the internal war became a profit for NOKIA’s competitors. Now NOKIA was spending more time in internal politics  then design and research. `This became the core reason of NOKIA’s fall.

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Later NOKIA management tried to uplift the company with new devices but the destruction was already done. NOKIA had fallen and then came the biggest news. MICROSOFT bid to rescue NOKIA by investing in NOKIA’s phone business. With this deal ‘WINDOWS” made entry and the NOKIA’s Lumia series came into market. Windows phone did good but till then the ship was sunk. NOKIA was bleeding money with operating losses in millions.

Thus finally MICROSOFT bought NOKIA and that became the end of NOKIA. It was amazing run for the brand but it didn’t end well. There were some mistakes done and we all have to pay for our mistakes. NOKIA paid for its mistakes and the price was huge.

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