Why Old Monk is the king of rum?

“Hot tandoori chicken with old monk rum on a cold winter night, what else you need from life?”, these are the words of a old monk admirer. Like him there are many more who admire old monk rum more than any scotch whiskey blended in any part of the world. I am too an admirer of India’s most lovable rum of all times. But why people love the locally produced rum more than all the imported available rums in the market? Why Old monk is considered the king of rums in India? Read below and you will understand on your own:

  • Launched on 19 December, 1954, Old monk rum is blended for a minimum of 7 years.
  • It’s a dark rum, with a vanilla flavor and an ¬†alcohol content of 42.8%.
  • It is produced in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and available all over India and in many parts of the world.
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But the above features doesn’t make this rum a king. There are many drink far more old and far more blended than old monk. The features that make Old Monk a king are as follows:

  • There is no advertising. It’s popularity is gained only from the word of mouth by its loyal customers.

  • Since 1982 it has been awarded the gold medal at Monde World selections.
  • It was the largest selling dark rum in the world for many years.

  • Old monk fans swear to death that Old monk can cure cough, cold, headache and any other ailment that needs warmth as a cure.
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  • There has been a campaign in India to make old monk the national drink of India (The validity of this statement is not certain).
  • You can drink it the way you want, i.e neat, with soda or with coke.

  • ¬†It doesn’t give hangover in the morning (Believe me, this is my own experience speaking).
  • Old monk is the people’s drink as its fans varies from rickshaw pullers to millionaires.
  • And last but not least Old monk makes ordinary people poets, bring old friends together and of course bring back the memories, heals an aching broken heart and sometimes give a reason to celebrate.
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A while ago there has been news of old monk sales getting declined and its production being stopped, but no reasons to worry as the producers have confirmed that Old monk is not going off shelf.

All hail the king Old Monk. Long Live the Old Monk.

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