Why Rolex watch is so expensive?

‘Bond! James Bond’ we all might have known this dialogue from a long time but and if you will talk to a fan of James bond then you will get to know that Bond has a fascination of Rolex watches.

Rolex is not like other watch brands but it’s an independent Swiss company dedicated to the production of world’s most expensive and luxurious watches. It’s not just a brand but a status which people own when they wear Rolex on their wrist. So what makes these watches so luxurious and expensive? Rolex is so highly respected and admired that it is worth looking into its uniqueness and in this article I am trying to just admire the king of watches.

1. Rolex uses one of the world’s most expensive steel which is hard to machine but looks good – Look at your watches and you will find imprinted stainless steel but not everyone knows that stainless steel has many grades and the most common is SS 316L.  Rolex uses SS 904L which is hard to machine but looks beautiful. Rolex uses this steel to give uniqueness to its watches and also the polish looks elegant. This grade is also more rust and corrosion resistant.

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But the question arises that why not other watch makers use SS 904L? Because to work on this steel producer need different types of tools and as Rolex built all parts of the watch by their own unlike the other watch makers, Rolex replaced all their tools in 1988 and since then they are using this grade of steel.

2. Rolex is all hand crafted and tested – Time is money and if you don’t have the right watch then you will lose a lot of money. This is what Rolex producers think and that is why every Rolex watch is given equal time and each is handcrafted with care so that you will never loose time. Rolex gives all the human attention to a watch you expect from a Swiss watch maker. Rolex has the world’s most sophisticated watch making machinery in the world but just like handmade food is far better than machine made similar is the case of watches. Rolex understands that and therefore gives proper human time and attention to every watch that is crafted by them. For this reason only it takes one year to complete the production of one Rolex watch.

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3. All the Gold in the Rolex watch is made from Rolex’s in house foundry – Yes it’s true. Rolex has its own foundry where 24K gold comes in and it is turned into 18k yellow or Rolex’s Everose gold. And as far as my knowledge Rolex is the only Watch maker to have its own Gold producing foundry. Now I believe you are getting a feel that why Rolex is an expensive watch. But this is not the end. Here are some more unique features of Rolex.

4. James Bond type Safe: Rolex keeps all its watches in a James Bond type safe with a three layer security. Not only the watches but the entire production unit is so tightly secured that till now nobody knows the exact procedure of how a Rolex watch is made. Each watch is made and given a unique number and then kept in an underground vault.

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5. Each Rolex watch is tested in a pressurized water tank especially made for testing the water resistance feature of Rolex watch.

6. There is a special team of Gemologist working at Rolex : Rolex has a standard while buying Gems and metals from sellers and that’s why there is a separate Gemologists army whose goal is to buy, test, arrange and set Diamonds, rubyies, Emeralds and other precious metals for Rolex watches as per Rolex standards.

So now we can understand why Rolex is such an expensive and unique brand and why it’s a luxury to own a Rolex. I don’t know about you but I am still just dreaming about Rolex and I hope this dream comes true soon.


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