Why sitting is bad for you?

You probably be sitting while reading this article so the subject of this article really concerns you. I am saying that an activity which you do for probably for half the time in a day is bad for you. With our current lifestyle we have to work in an office sitting in front of our laptops or PC’s and that is the bitter truth of our life. But do you have another choice? Can you imagine working on a laptop while standing? I don’t think it’s comfortable. Sitting is comfortable and that’s why we prefer it. Sitting helps us reducing our stress. So why is it bad for us?

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So here are the points that will make you believe that sitting is bad for you:

  • Our body is made to stand. You don’t believe it? Our body is made of so many joints and flexible muscles so that you can move almost every part of your body.

  • Blood flows in our body properly when our body moves. We need blood flowing continuously in our body and for that we need our body to move.

  • Our brain nerve cells need oxygen to function and for circulation of blood we need movement.

  • Our skin is elastic which proves that it is made for bending, moving and not just for sitting.
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  • Our Backbone spine is made of bones, ribs, muscles and ligaments and while sitting we bend and hence provide strain to our spine muscles.

  • Our Lungs while sitting get less space to expand while you breath and which results in less amount of oxygen.

  •  Sitting for long periods also decrease a substance known as Lipoprotein Lipase in our body which helps in breaking down fat. So that’s why to reduce fat we need to do exercise which involves movement of our body.
  • While sitting most of the time we use our brain for working but with improper blood flow and less oxygen to our brain ,our concentration reduces.
  • There have also been studies which have linked prolonged sitting to some of the cancers and heart diseases.
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So Sitting doesn’t look harmful but it causes more damage than you have ever thought of. So Sitting is necessary but try moving your body after every short time because always remember that our body is made for motion and not just for sitting. You have finished reading the article so why not just stand up and move around.


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