Why these 8 people were BORN TO INSPIRE?

If we are bore of our present life, had faced a lot of failure and looking for some inspiration we can always check some great inspirational videos or read some books. But if you are looking for some real life inspirational leaders who were Born To Inspire then you must look below:



His chicken recipe was rejected 1009 times before his first chicken was sold .

” The Fast Food Giant” 














BILL GATES (Founder Microsoft)

Before Microsoft he created Traf-o-Data but it didn’t worked out and the idea became obsolete.

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“World’s Largest PC Software Company”






JACK MA (Founder Alibaba Group)

He failed the college entrance exam twice and got rejected from 30 jobs including KFC

“Richest Man Of China”





(Founder Honda Motor company Ltd)

He invented a piston ring, got rejected by Toyota and his factory got destroyed in an earthquake

“World’s Largest 2-Wheeler Manufacturer”




(Founder Ford Motor Company)

He burned through all the money from his group of investors without producing a car and his Detroit Auto company went bankrupt.

“Revolutionalised Motor Industry”





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(Founder Virgin Group)

He survived through Dyslexia in his teenage and his headmaster told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire

“Leading International Investment Group”







ELON MUSK (CEO and CTO SPACEX, CEO and Product architect Tesla Motors. chairman Solarcity)

He lived in the same warehouse where he rented his office and used to take showers in the locker room of a stadium near his warehouse.

“The Real World Iron Man”




(Founder Apple Inc.)

He dropped out of college,had 2.65 GPA in High School, Pushed out of his own company in 1985

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” World’s Most valued Brand”


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