Why this dog is the most expensive dog in the world?

Tibetian Mastiff – have you heard this name. If not then it means that this name is not rare. Tibetian Mastiff is the name of a dog that is bought by a chineese businessman for a whooping amont of $1.5 million.

Its not like this is something rare. Rich persons always spend money on expensive things like cars, private jets, islands, villas and much more but a million dollar dog, something we say is rare.

tibetian mastiff1

This Red Tibetian Mastiff is a native of Himalayas where it is known to be a loyal figyre for more than 5000 years. Due to its large size it has helped in protection of local folks and people in the himalayan regions and it continues to do so. This dog breed was also used as a Dog of War and also worshipped in some himalayan areas.

With Tibet being known as the land of monks and saints who live for so many years and often reincarnate in some other forms of life. Tibetian Mastiff is also being considerd as the descendant of some great saints of Tibet.

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The dog bought by the chineese Businessman is named as Red Splash and is 11 years old. When fully grown this dog is expectd to weigh around 286 pounds (weight equivalent to a full grown rugby player).

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