Why we like to scare ourselves?

Have you ever rode a roller coaster in a fun park? If yes then you know how much you like being scared? Riding high speed roller coasters, swinging ships, or fast revolving Ferris Wheels, all has been a part of our fun lives and we stand hours in line just to scare ourselves.

I know I will get scared by ghosts if I go into a haunted house but then also I go into it and not only that I pay to get scared. Isn’t it hilarious. But that is the truth of our human mind. Human mind is so complex that it do things we think it can never do. We get scared by watching haunted movies but then also we watch them and that too by switching off the lights.

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Why we like to scare ourselves? What’s the fun in it? Getting goosebumps or making our heartbeat fast isn’t the only option to make us happy. Maybe right now in some part of the world people will be lining to get themselves scared. But don’t it raises questions into your mind that why we do such a stupid thing? Fear is bad and it comes to us when we are in danger.

Watch the below video and you will understand why you like to be scared?


Source: Ted Ed

scare2So now you know why you like to be scared and the conclusion is that human mind is very complex. Lets leave the understanding of our mind to neurologist and Nobel seeking scientists. We should just enjoy our rides and keep getting scared.

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