Why you should not use High speed Hand dryer?

First I want to tell you that I use Hand Dryer on a daily basis in my office. So when I got hold of this information I was a little surprised and thought of sharing the information with you.

To save trees and minimize the use of paper its a common practice of using hand dryer in washrooms of offices and commercial places. I have always thought of this action as a great move as we need to protect our environment and trees are an essential part of it. So we finish our business in wash room, wash our hands and then stick our hands in the high speed hand dryer.

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The truth is that everyday you are exposing yourself to hot bacteria. According to research in U.K. university by putting your hands in a 400 miles per hour air blowing hand dryer we get exposed to 60 times more germs than a low speed hand dryer. Also hand dryer spread 1300 times more germs than a paper towels.

Researchers during experiment put a virus on their hand and used three drying methods: blades, air and paper towels. You can read the whole research with its results on the following link:


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